What’s it for?

It’s not uncommon to be asked why you have created this new thing. What’s it for? In this case, we are open to exploring that over time but here is what we have designed it for, or have discussed as possible settings for it:

  • It’s for live performance – we hope to tour with it over the coming years. Please get in touch if you are interested in helping us make this happen
  • It could be used in a gallery / installation setting – maybe hand-cranked
  • It will drive our musical instrument development – it’s modular, things can be developed, updated, replaced
  • The technologies can be applied elsewhere – as Sam has already done once for a collaborative piece with Sarah Kenchington at Full Of Noises festival

What else? Ideas in an email to – hello@mammothbeatorgan.co.uk

Supersonic shenanigans

We had a very busy Supersonic Festival. Firstly, Sam hosted a maker event at Centrala in Digbeth as part of the festival. This was for musical instrument makers and included the first public demo of the Connected Devices (now Mammoth Beat Organ) modules.

The following day, we played our first ever live show with Connected Devices (now Mammoth Beat Organ). Michael Forrest filmed it for us.